$40,000 Goal
14% of Goal
$5,796 Raised

Welcome to the 2019 RaceHD Fundraising Headquarters!

This website is only for fundraising purposes. You will still need to register for your chosen race on the race website, linked in the list below. Register for your event by clicking the link below, then come back here to set up your personal fundraising page.

Upcoming RaceHD Events:

20th Annual Achilles St. Patrick's Day 5K (Toronto): March 17, 2019 (Learn more about the event here. DO NOT register on the Achilles website. Your fundraising page serves as your registration for this event.)

Toronto Goodlife Marathon: May 5, 2019

Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend: May 25-26, 2019 - Note: this year, TORW has a Charity team for HSC on their page. All fundraising and registration MUST go through runottawa.ca

Scotiabank Calgary Marathon: May 26, 2019 

Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon: June 6-9, 2019

Edmonton Marathon: August 17-18, 2019

Huffin' Puffin Marathon (St. John's, NL): September 22, 2019

Niagara Falls International Marathon: October 20, 2019

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon: October 20, 2019

James Cunningham Seawall Race (Vancouver, BC): October 27, 2019 

Considering participating in an event or race that is not listed? Contact events@huntingtonsociety.ca to have it added!

Note: You will only be able to use your username for the first RaceHD event you participate in for 2019. If you participate in subsequent RaceHD events in 2019, you will need to create a new username for each event.

Fundraising Incentives

As our thanks to you, you are eligible for ONE of the following prizes, based on the amount you raise:

$250: TeamHD Tech T-Shirt

$500: TeamHD Hoodie; OR

$1,000: TeamHD Jacket

Questions? events@huntingtonsociety.ca

More info about the Huntington Society of Canada and Huntington disease? www.huntingtonsociety.ca

Top Teams

Rebecca Kruisselbrink  donated  $500.00        Anonymous  donated  $210.00        Sebastian and Caroline.  donated  $200.00        Edgar Hielema  donated  $165.00        Paul Stoyan  donated  $135.00        Andrei Peregoudov  donated  $120.00        Cook  donated  $120.00        Robert Picard  donated  $110.00        Vaughn Dahl  donated  $110.00        Anonymous  donated  $105.00        Jaqueline Sokol  donated  $105.00        Anonymous  donated  $100.00        Armin  donated  $100.00        Jen Searle  donated  $100.00        Lisa, Geoff, Paige & Colin  donated  $100.00        Marc Chen  donated  $100.00        Miriam Irving  donated  $100.00        Patricia and Vail Salin  donated  $100.00        Ralph Bailey  donated  $100.00        Ray and Evelyn  donated  $100.00        Ray Bailey  donated  $100.00        Run for Huntington Disease - Calgary Marathon 2019  donated  $100.00        Wade Coombs - SmartPanda  donated  $100.00        William Bernstein  donated  $100.00        Colin & Tal  donated  $80.00        Brian Wynn  donated  $75.00        Melanie Hazell  donated  $75.00        Beef  donated  $60.00        Linda Bernardi  donated  $60.00        Barbara Wilkolaski  donated  $55.00        Elise  donated  $55.00        Tim  donated  $55.00        Alex Eisenberg  donated  $50.00        Androu Abdalmalak  donated  $50.00        Bonnie Anger  donated  $50.00        Cindy  donated  $50.00        Dasha Peregoudova  donated  $50.00        James Rendell and Liz Halvorsen  donated  $50.00        Kellie Engelhardt  donated  $50.00        Linda Robinson  donated  $50.00        Miquelon Rodriguez  donated  $50.00        Muneesh Dhingra  donated  $50.00        Nancy d'Agincourt  donated  $50.00        Sébastien Heins  donated  $50.00        Tara Forget  donated  $50.00        Tom Stevenson  donated  $50.00        Vanessa Hui  donated  $50.00        Ravneet Godhia  donated  $40.00        Rebecca Klass  donated  $40.00        Grzegorz Rozek  donated  $30.00        kristina l nethercott  donated  $30.00        Maureen Carr  donated  $30.00        Anonymous  donated  $20.00        Kienan Marion  donated  $20.00        Zara Jestadt  donated  $20.00        Adam and Alyssa Carter  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Breanna  donated an undisclosed amount         Chris DiCaprio  donated an undisclosed amount         Debbie  donated an undisclosed amount         Heather Snow and Family  donated an undisclosed amount         James Walker  donated an undisclosed amount         Jessica Rattray  donated an undisclosed amount         Katherine and David Rosenfeld  donated an undisclosed amount         Krista Michol  donated an undisclosed amount         Nate and Freda  donated an undisclosed amount