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Thank you for your interest in supporting me in the Southern Alberta Hope Run!

Hello Family and Friends!

It's that time of year again! On June 8th I will be participating in the Hope for a Cure Run & Walk, for my 5th year in a row, this will also be my 2nd year organizing the event!

I am so excited to showcase our new theme and new ideas for this year! I know this will be our best year yet!  

What is Huntington Disease?

HD is a fatal hereditary brain disorder with devastating effects on both the mind and body. It is like having the symptoms of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Schizophrenia in one disease. A child born to a parent with HD has a 50% chance of sharing the same fate. One in every 7,000 Canadians has HD and there is currently no known cure or meaningful treatment for HD. The good news is, many researchers and scientists believe that once we are successful in stopping the progression of HD, we will find the answers for many other neurological diseases.

There is currently no cure.

My Story:

I was 19 when my Mother found out that her birth Father was a carrier of the Huntington Gene. At the time, we didn't really know what that meant, but after many appointments with her neurologist, she finally had her results. Positive for Huntington Disease. 

This news came as a complete shock to our whole family. At the time I was young, I didn't really know how to deal with it, so I did as any 19 year old would, and buried it down, and didn't really think of it often. 

As I got older, the worry started to set in, and so did the questions. I started researching everything I could find out about HD. I yearned to meet people that knew what I was going through, but I had no idea where to start. And then it happened, without even looking! 

In 2014 I ran into an old friend from High School. We ended up spending a few hours catching up that night and came to realize we both had HD in our families. Months went by, and I ran into her again, the night I met my boyfriend Chris. At that point we were hanging out a lot again, and I asked her if I put a team in for the Hope for a Cure Run & Walk if she would join me. She of course said yes, and Team Hope was born! 

Fast forward to 2019 and I believe I am making a difference in the lives of people affected by Huntington Disease. 

This is my 2nd year on the Hope for a Cure Run & Walk committee, where last year we broke the record for the most money raised in a single year, in the 10 years the event has ran with a whopping $48,339.00 raised! It's the 5th year I've walked and fundraised for the walk, and since Team Hope started in 2015, we have won the Top Fundraisers every year, bringing in a total of $41,845.00! This year our team has a big goal to hit! $50,000 raised in 5 years! I know we can do this! 

This year I also joined our chapter's executive committee as the YPAHD (Young People Affected by Huntington Disease) Coordinator, where I am the liaison between the YPHAD Chapter, and our Southern Alberta Chapter. 

A side from this, I attend and volunteer at as many events as I can, The Night to Flourish Gala, Wheels for Huntington's, the Casino and selling Amaryllis. I attended my first National Conference and YPAHD Day last year with my best friend, what an inspiring experience that was!

I'm asking my friends and family with their support to help me, help those affected by Huntington Disease. Together, with your support, HSC maximizes the quality of life of people living with HD through services, support, advocacy, and research.

Please show your support and help the HD Community find meaningful treatments!

Where does your donation go?

The Huntington Society of Canada is a not-for-profit charitable organization which raises funds to deliver individual and group counselling services to support individuals and families living with HD and to fund medical research to delay or stop the progression of the disease. The Society also works with health and social services professionals to enable them to a better serve people living with HD

Please show your support and help the HD Community find meaningful treatments!

Thanks again, from the bottom of my heart for the continued support! 

Love Rachelle

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